Limitations of Hard Chrome Plating


Fisher Products LLC (Note on Hard Chrome Plating to Chrome Oxide) Limitations of Hard Chrome Plating (HCP) historically has been used for the protection of metal components from wear, erosion and corrosion in various applications. Unfortunately, the traditional HCP process lends itself to porosity, micro-cracking and uniformity issues resulting in rework processes. HCP’s surface is penetrable, allowing the substrate to be vulnerable resulting in premature wear, potential delamination and loss of performance. The imperfections of Hard Chrome Plating also can result in a lower coefficient of friction. Fisher Products has been offering the plasma applied Chrome Oxide (Surface Engineered Coating) with resistance to corrosion and wear. Chrome Oxide has low porosity and is uniformly applied three to four times thicker than the plating process. Chrome Oxide coatings can be polished to a mirror like finish, resulting in an increase of service life and performance.  Chrome Oxide (Cr2O3) has a hardness of approximately 70 Rc with an as sprayed surface of 100 to 200 Ra. If you would like to receive the technical data on the Chrome Oxide you can contact me any time. Fisher Products has several other options that we could go over and would be glad to discuss them.