Weld Procedure Developed: Welding A890 Gr 6A and Stellite


Overlay applied by Fisher Products

Component Dimensions:
OD Overlay 6.35” OD, 4.850” ID, X 3.5” Sleeve
ID Overlay 5.195 OD, 4.695” ID X 1” Ring

Liquid Penetrant:
Liquid penetrant examination showed no relevant, linear or rounded indications.

The hardness of the ring and sleeve was with the Ring and Sleeve is within 43-53 Rc as defined in ITT 6787

Macro Examination:
At 5X both the ID and OD welds there were no indications of incomplete fusion at either the base metal / In 625 or In 625/ Stellite 12 interfaces. There were no cracks observed in the heat affected zone or base metal.

In order to provide the greatest flexibility, the overlays for the ID and OD were applied with different torches. Liquid penetrant inspection was performed at the welded, proof welded, rough machine and finished size. The hardness’s of both systems were the same. 50X examination of both samples display acceptable overlays with good bond integrity as well as the soundness of both procedures.