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Fisher Products, LLC

2201 S. Rosedale Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74107-2716

Telephone: (918) 582-2204
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Information: Close to major international airports, Tulsa, Oklahoma, is also a major motor freight transportation hub. More importantly, the Tulsa area is rich in the skilled human resources required to provide precision-machined, hard-coated parts that meet international standards. We are plasma transferred arc specialist.

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Fisher welcomes the opportunity to innovate solutions to your most demanding parts performance challenges.

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TAFA JP5000, Thermach AT3000 SG100 OD & ID, Plasma Spraying Sleeves, Stellite Starweld 400 PTA, Oxy Fuel Rod Weld, Spray and Fuse, Turnkey Machining, Thermal Spray
Plasma Spray, PTA Cladding and Hardfacing, Metallized Coatings, Metallizing
Machining and Grinding, Quality Assurance, Engineering and Reverse Engineering Research and Development

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