Equipment Capabilities

Fisher Products also produces other specially processed parts, including chrome-plated, heat-treated, carburized, nitrided and nickel-plated parts.

In addition, Fisher also produces parts with no plating, coating or special processing whatsoever.

Manufacturing Equipment List:

Turning (engine lathes, CNC and VMC Equipment):

  • Up to 24" in diameter
  • Up to 300" in length


  • Centerless—up to 300" in length
  • OD between centers—up to 120" in length
  • ID grinding—up to 24" OD

Milling (Manual and CNC)



  • Robotic Controlled TAFA / Praxair JP5000 HVOF System
  • Thermach (AT3000) Robotic Controlled Plasma System
  • Miller Plasma System
  • Stellite Starweld 400 PTA Robotic Controlled System
  • Spray and Fuse Overlay
  • Oxy / Fuel Rod Weld
  • Metallizing Process

Other Equipment Processes, such as:

  • Gun Drilling
  • Chrome Plating
  • Nickel Plating
  • Heat Treating