Industries Served

Fisher parts applications include special hard-coated wear rings, bushings, sleeves, pump plungers, stage pieces, piston rods, shafts, valves, seats, plasma deffered arc and many other parts for manufacturers in a wide variety of industries.

Heavy-Duty Industrial Pumping Systems

Abrasion- and wear-resistant coatings for centrifugal, reciprocating, nuclear and other complex pump assemblies. Hard coating to protect internal pump components against corrosion, erosion and wear greatly extends pump life and reliability—critical factors in competitive industries that employ such heavy-duty machines as centrifugal, reciprocating and nuclear-driven pumps. In addition, many pump repair facilities use Fisher hard-coating and precision-machining capabilities to provide an economical means to restore worn parts to like-new or better-than-new performance specifications.

Petrochemical Equipment

Pump impellers, rings, split bushings, shafts, piston rods and other process equipment parts.

Operations and plant maintenance experts in the petrochemical industry have discovered how Fisher's hard coating and precision machining of pump impellers, rings, split bushings, shafts, piston rods and other process equipment parts greatly reduces the cost of downtime associated with maintenance and repair.

Oil and Gas Exploration

Rig contractors have discovered how Fisher's hard coating and precision machining greatly extends component life and reduces the cost of downtime for maintenance.

From improved performance of high-temperature deep well bits to better wear resistance in mud pump components, corrosion resistant collars, stabilizers, anticorrosion sucker rods and other drill rig parts, tools, accessories they depend on Fisher for better performance.

Nuclear Power Generation Equipment

Consumable parts of circulation pumps.

No one can overstate the potential danger associated with seepage of any kind in a nuclear power plant's cooling water system. That's why plant operators depend on Fisher's hard-coated, precision-machined pump parts to help reduce pump wear and the critical threat of equipment leaks.

Paper Mill Equipment

Hard-coated and precision-ground surfaces of paper rolls facilitate high-quality paper production.

From corrosive black liquor to abrasive paper pulp slurries, internal components of the pump used in the pulp and paper industry see unusually corrosive and abrasive materials. Fisher's hard coatings dramatically extend component life in these harsh conditions by providing protection from erosion, corrosion and wear.

Food Processing Equipment

Pump plungers, bearing sleeves, power shafts and other components.

PTA Hard facing of the pump plungers and other internal pump parts greatly extends pump life in the food processing industry. Acidic foods, such as mustard, concentrated juice and tomato products, are examples of corrosive applications where Fisher's overlay capabilities pay big dividends to food processors.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Corrosion-resistant coatings for the internal parts of the reciprocating pumps used in desalination of seawater.

The reverse osmosis process for the desalination of seawater is an example of a corrosive environment pump application. Unless parts are hard-coated, seawater quickly corrodes internal pump parts. Hard coating provides corrosion resistance that extends internal component life up to 30 times the life of noncoated stainless parts.

Gas Compressors

Hard-coated, precision-machined piston rods of the large compressors used in natural gas well and distribution systems.

Aerospace and Turbomachinery

Abradable, thermal and high-temperature, corrosion-resistant coatings for turbine fins, shrouds, transitions and other component parts.

Aero and industrial turbine components are continuously exposed to high heat and the high-speed impact of small particles suspended in air. Such conditions inevitably cause wear and erosion, which can dramatically reduce a turbine's operating efficiency. Hard coating provides both an effective thermal barrier, as well as protection against erosion, to significantly extend component life and improve turbine performance.