Metallized Coatings

The Metallized Coatings process is a valuable asset in salvaging worn or mismatched parts - especially when new replacement parts are cost-prohibitive or require unacceptable lead times. The metalized coating process incorporates wire feed through an oxyacetylene or electric arc wire gun. plasma transferred arc specialist.

  • Does not require overheating the basic part (generally less than 400°F), and therefore does not cause warpage and distortion of the part.
  • Can involve the application of almost any material available in wire form, including stainless steel, babbitt, bronze, molybdenum, aluminum and others.
  • Tends to hold lubricants well because of its combination of hardness and microscopic surface porosity. This makes the metallized coatings an ideal bearing surface.
  • Can be applied in almost any thickness with exceptionally good results.