Plasma / Hardfacing

Thermach AT3000 SG100 OD & ID

Plasma overlay is an electric arc process permitting temperatures to 30,000°F in a range for proper application of certain ceramic and exotic metal coatings.

Using a generator producing 40kW+ power, a feeder forces powdered metals and ceramics through an electric arc in which they are melted and propelled at extremely high velocities on the undercut surface of the base metal.

  • Yields a very dense coating with excellent bond strengths. However, because there is no fusion process, the bond is strictly mechanical.
  • Includes a growing list of material variations, such as alumina oxide, titanium dioxide, chromium oxide, tungsten-carbide-cobalt, cobalt-chromium-nickel-tungsten and others.
  • Allows for an extremely wide selection of substrate and coating materials because almost any powdered material can be applied to nearly any substrate material
  • Avoids the likelihood of distortion on even completely finished, close tolerance parts because the substrate rarely reaches a temperature exceeding 400°F.

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