Plasma Transfer Arc / Hardfacing

Stellite Starweld 400 PTA

Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) is an overlay welding process with deposits that are homogenous and fused to the substrate, forming a metallurgical bond.

Plasma Transferred Arc makes use of a constricted arc and powdered alloy, which is carried from a feeder to the plasma torch in a stream of argon gas. The powder is then directed away from the torch into the effluent arc, where it is melted and fused to the base metal.

  • In a single, rapid pass, produces deposits between 0.025" and 0.250" thick, and allows close control of penetration.

NOTE: A single pass, however, commonly results in a 5% to 20% dilution of the substrate in the deposit - a dilution that will generally weaken the hardness range of the coating by 5RC. Therefore, many design-engineers specify a two-pass minimum, with the added requirement that not less than half of the second pass be machined away.

* Includes a variety of nickel-base, cobalt-base and iron-base alloy powders. For more information about plasma transferred arc welding give us a call anytime.