Hardfacing Processes

HVOF / PTA Hardfacing
Plasma Spraying Sleeves
Oxy Fuel Rod Weld
Spray and Fuse
Turnkey Machining
Thermal Spray
Plasma Spray
Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA)
Metallized Coatings
Machining and Grinding
Quality Assurance
Engineering and Reverse Engineering
Research and Development

Your Overlay Specialists

With a state-of-the-art machining and overlay hard-coating operation, Fisher manufactures industrial equipment parts that routinely provide 5 to 30 times greater performance over the life of identical non-coated parts.

For example, Fisher provides plasma-applied chrome-oxide coatings as a more environmentally friendly alternative to chrome plating.

Plus, Fisher components can take on additional attributes, such as x-ray shielding, improved electrical conductivity and dielectric or nonmagnetic properties.

Behind it all, you have Fisher’s sophisticated engineering, applications expertise and quality assurance capabilities to solve your most frustrating component breakdown issues.

Fisher Products